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Fruit acid peeling in Frankfurt

Fruit acid peels can do a great job of improving the complexion and visibly rejuvenating it. They stimulate the skin's own collagen synthesis and ensure not only firmer skin with greater elasticity, but also smooth out wrinkles in a natural way.

During the treatment with fruit acid peeling, we gradually increase the chemical concentration and exposure time until the skin reacts as desired and the fruit acid can be neutralized again.

Fruit acid peeling: How it works

Excess cells are gently removed from the surface of the skin, while cell renewal is stimulated. Fruit acid peelings are also excellent for treating acne or sun damage because they reduce pigmentation and improve the overall skin structure, which is why they are not only used for skin problems and the formation of wrinkles, but also for large pores.

Fruit acid peeling: how it is done

First, we prepare your skin for the fruit acid peeling with special creams containing fruit acid in a low concentration. This is done during several sessions in our practice to professionally treat your skin with increasing concentrations of fruit acid. The glycolic acid contained in the scrub helps the skin to gently loosen dead cells and lighten pigmentation. A welcoming side effect of this treatment is the stimulation of collagen forming.

As soon as the desired reaction of your skin is achieved, we neutralize the acid. The effect is immediately visible to you, because the treatment ensures a significantly refreshed, rosier appearance of your skin, your complexion will immediately appear more even.

After the treatment, you can go about your usual activities, there is no downtime.

Fruit acid peeling: A few sessions are enough

We recommend appointments four weeks apart, depending on the skin type, between three and six sessions are necessary for optimal results. You will receive an expert analysis from our doctors.

To counteract skin aging, it is advisable to repeat the treatment after one and a half to two years.

After treatment, sunscreen should be applied regularly for at least four weeks.

Areas of application:

  • premature skin aging
  • scar
  • acne
  • large pores
  • actinic keratoses
  • age spots