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Autohaemotherapy for hair loss

Stimulating hair growth in hair loss.

PRP autologous blood therapy (thrombocyte-rich plasma) is a method for stimulating hair growth on a natural basis.

In PRP therapy, platelet-rich plasma is taken from the patient's own blood and the red blood cells are separated from the plasma using centrifugation. The plasma contains growth factors and proteins which stimulate the formation of new blood vessels at the hair roots. This leads to an improved supply of nutrients and increased hair growth on the scalp.

Hair loss: the background

Thinning hair and hair loss can have many causes such as certain pre-existing conditions and genetic conditions. Fortunately, however, modern medicine already has an effective range of therapies available with which the treatment of hair loss can be professionally controlled.

This includes autologous blood treatment or PRP (the so-called platelet-rich plasma). This method allows us to control hair loss and reactivate hair growth. Because PRP is an endogenous substance you do not have to worry about any side effects or intolerances.

In the case of certain previous blood diseases or a current pregnancy, the autohemotherapy is not carried out - our doctors will clarify before the treatment whether this procedure is currently an option for you.

Autohemotherapy for hair loss: how it works

The PRP method is based on the targeted supply of nutrients to the scalp, which stimulates and strengthens hair growth. To put it simply, PRP is the platelet-rich plasma in the blood.

We get this plasma by taking a small amount of blood from you and using centrifugation to produce the plasma. The resulting PRP in turn ensures the formation of tiny blood vessels that stimulate hair growth and counteract hair loss.

Autohemotherapy for hair loss: This is how it is carried out

As soon as we have centrifuged the blood after taking the blood and obtained the necessary blood plasma, the PRP is injected into the scalp.

In most cases, several sessions are necessary so that the self-blood therapy against hair loss can develop the maximum success.

During the consultation in our practice, we first analyze your situation professionally and then advise you on the most effective procedure.