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Skin cancer prevention in downtown Frankfurt

Our skin is the largest organ and is exposed to external influences throughout our lives. In recent years, it has been observed that skin changes have increased statistically. The main reasons for this are UV exposure, but there are also other environmental influences.

From a dermatological point of view, it is therefore advisable to undergo a professional skin cancer screening procedure which should be carried out regularly in order to detect pathological changes at an early stage.

How does skin cancer screening work?

We arrange the procedure as comfortable and effective for you in our centrally located practice in Frankfurt.

At first we examine the skin from head to toe with a dermatoscope. This makes it easy to distinguish early signs of white and black skin cancer from harmless skin changes.

The professional skin cancer screening also includes the documentation of conspicuous birthmarks. We use the most modern software (Intellimago) to create high-resolution images of skin areas, these will be saved in your digital file. This enables us to compare any changes in the skin with the previous status at the next skin cancer screening. With this procedure, we not only avoid unnecessary operations (and the resulting scars), but also see if any necessary medical steps have to be taken at an early stage.

How often is skin cancer screening advisable?

This mainly depends on the skin type. If you have numerous (and also conspicuous) birthmarks, you should have them checked at least once a year in order to observe and document any changes.

At what age should I go for skin cancer screening?

There is no restriction here, on the contrary. Regular medical check-ups of the skin are advisable, even for children. we recommend regular skin cancer screenings at any age in order to identify and treat conspicuous skin changes as early as possible.