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Treating allergies in downtown Frankfurt

Anyone who suffers from one or more allergies often experience significant limitations in their quality of life. From a medical point of view, allergies are faulty reactions of the immune system. Objectively harmless substances from the environment are perceived as danger by the body - these are seen as faulty reactions of the immune system.

Allergies that most people suffer from are hay fever, hives and allergic asthma - so-called immediate-type allergies. Those affected by these allergies experience an immediate reaction when they come into contact with the certain substance.

This is how the treatment works

If you suspect an immediate-type allergy, the first step is to carry out a so-called skin prick test, which consists of a series of allergens that can be used to test the reactions on the skin. In addition, we can use a blood test to determine whether antibodies against certain allergens are present and in this way check your body's general susceptibility to allergies.

In addition to immediate-type allergies, there are also delayed-type allergies – the body reacts 12 to 72 hours after contact with the certain allergen. We determine this type of allergy with a so-called patch test in the form of test fields we apply on the back, the results are evaluated two to three days later.