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Removal of spider veins

Spider veins are thin veins that shimmer red or blue under the surface of the skin. Although they do not cause any problems, they are often perceived as visually irritating. Spider veins usually develop on the legs and are caused by hereditary predisposition, prolonged standing, pregnancy or obesity.

However, modern aesthetic medicine offers the possibility of removing spider veins by means of precise sclerotherapy using ethoxysklerol.

Our doctors carry out this treatment for you quickly and gently, so that spider veins can soon be a thing of the past.

This is how we effectively remove spider veins

We can safely treat spider veins with sclerotherapy (sclerotherapy, e.g. with aethoxysklerol). The substance is foamed and injected precisely into the superficial veins. This will cause irritation of and lead to a desired inflammatory reaction and the occlusion or obliteration of the vessel.

Spider tears: After the treatment

A compression bandage is applied immediately after the treatment to help the treated areas heal.

After each sclerotherapy treatment, you should protect the relevant areas from the sun for at least 6 weeks and avoid going to the sauna.

Overall, the final effect takes some time, but after a few weeks the result is clearly visible - your spider veins have been successfully eliminated.