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Treatment with hyaluronic acid/fillers in Frankfurt

Hyaluronic acid is a natural product that our skin forms itself. As a component of the connective tissue, it binds a large amount of water and ensures that the skin looks elastic and fresh. However, with increasing age, the skin produces less and less hyaluronic acid - with the result that the elasticity decreases and wrinkles appear on the skin.

Examples include:

  • deep nasolabial folds
  • sagging of the cheeks
  • "Marionette lines" around the mouth
  • furrows on the chin

We can successfully correct appearances like these with the help of precisely applied hyaluronic acid fillers. Overall, the possibilities for the aesthetic use of hyaluronic acid fillers are very extensive.

This is how the treatment with hyaluronic acid works

Depending on the part of the body and the individually required amount, we use different hyaluronic acid products to achieve your desired result. After we have injected the filler into the desired part of the body, the hyaluronic acid causes the accumulation of liquid in the tissue. The skin immediately looks plump and fresh.

Thanks to extremely fine needles, you hardly notice the treatment. The punctures of the injection are no longer visible after the treatment.

After six months to two years (depending on the body region), the body has naturally broken down the hyaluronic acid, so that further treatment can be carried out if desired.

We are happy to consult you in our practice in downtown Frankfurt. We are happy to advise you on your individual options for all aspects of aesthetic treatment with hyaluronic acid.

Treatment spectrum:

  • increased lip volume
  • Reinforcement of facial contours
  • Padding of the earlobes
  • Filling of wrinkles (around temples, nose, mouth, décolleté and back of hands)