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Retinol peelings in Frankfurt

The retinol peeling is a small revolution in professional medical cosmetics. The vitamin A active ingredient retinol is already well-known and popular as an ingredient in skin care, after all it has been proven to be a highly effective anti-aging substance. The effect has been scientifically proven by clinical studies: Vitamin A acid can effectively reduce common signs of skin aging, such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity and pigmentation.

The retinol peeling, however, can also reach the deeper layers of the skin - unlike with usual skin care products that are purely applied on the surface. Our goal is to visibly rejuvenate the skin and provide healthy and even complexion. This type of peeling treatment is an intensive treatment against an unevenly pigmented, rough or sallow complexion. A retinol peeling smooths wrinkles, reduces pores and gives your skin a strengthened, plump appearance.

Because retinol stimulates cell renewal, it also has a positive effect on collagen metabolism: the formation of new collagen makes the skin stronger and more resistant to external influences.

Retinol peeling: How it works

The active ingredient retinol is a fat-soluble molecule which, thanks to its properties, penetrates the top layer of the skin very well. Retinol is therefore well suited to unfold its effect deep in the skin as a peeling substance.

Since it can penetrate deeper than fruit acid, the effect is stronger. This is shown by the process of the skin Peeling itself - which is why it is advisable to choose treatment at the end of the week so that the peeling effect occurs at the weekend.

So that you can plan well: It usually takes about two days before the peeling process, this effect itself can last another two to three days.

Retinol peeling: how it's done

After an expert analysis by our doctors, we can start the treatment without further preparation. The retinol peeling is applied on the skin which usually causes neither burning nor pain. Depending on your individual skin situation, the active ingredient remains on the skin for different lengths of time. The peeling can then be taken off.

After a retinol peeling, the skin usually looks greasy at first, which is why it makes sense to schedule the treatment on a day off. You should also avoid sun exposure after the appointment.

Retinol peeling: A few sessions are enough

As a rule, the professional treatment with a retinol peeling consists of three sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. In the meantime, our doctors will give you special care products that you can use to continue and support the effect of the medical-cosmetic treatment at home.

Application areas:

  • solar elastosis
  • acne scars
  • actinic keratoses