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Treat acne and rosacea in Frankfurt

If you suffer from acne or rosacea you can rely on the experience and effective treatments of our doctors. We offer you treatment options that not only relieve your skin disease long term, but also prevent scarring as much as possible. Our goal is for you to feel completely comfortable in your own skin again.

Causes of acne

The cause of this inflammatory skin disease is the high production of sebum, however hormones also play a central role. The sebaceous gland follicles in acne patients produce a large amount of sebum, which cannot drain off completely due to keratinization.

The often painful inflammation occurs through the sebum which multiplies in the follicle. Certain bacteria also act within the sebum, releasing fatty acids and accelerating the already active inflammatory process.

Causes of Rosacea

The cause of rosacea, on the other hand, is found in the vessels, more precisely in a genetically caused dysregulation. Typically, this skin disease progresses in flares and occurs primarily on the center of the face. Visually, it manifests itself through (often severe) redness, often in connection with inflammatory pustules.

Successfully eliminate acne scars

Last but not least, acne can cause severe scars on the face. However, they can be easily avoided with professional dermatological treatment.

But even if acne scars have already formed, we can use special medical peelings and modern laser treatments to significantly improve your skin. Cosmetic treatments, such as micro needling, promote wound healing and lead to smoothing and improving the skin's structure.

This is how the treatment works

The basis of all medical treatments in our practice is a precise analysis of your illness and the possible causes.

Furthermore, we recommend highly effective cleansing and care products. In severe cases of acne we suggest a treatment with antibiotics or medication with vitamin A acid. The latter helps to heal the acne quickly and prevents scarring as much as possible. In addition, we will also clarify with you the advantages of cosmetic cleansing treatments that will have a positive effect on your skin.

When treating rosacea, we can significantly relieve your symptoms with the help of the latest laser therapy and individual cosmetic procedures and have a positive long lasting effect on your complexion.